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​Exeter Township has a Geographical Information System (GIS) in place that contains all Township Maps, County Parcel Maps, structures, physical features, and just about anything else that is mappable in the Township.  Any associated data is attached to the maps as well, so it can be accessed easily and be used to create new maps for visualization and analysis.

All Exeter Township Maps are available in the Engineering Department at the Township Building, on this website, or in the online mapping applications.


 Online GIS Mapping


View Parcel data, Zoning, Aerial Photography, structures, elevation contours, sewer system to name just a few!  You can view/print a site plan of your property, find ownership information, see what zoning/precinct/recycling zone you are in, view soils, flood zones and elevations, see how close you are to a fire hydrant, and more! Click the link below to get started.

Online Mapping

Business Directory Map

Tips:  Keep Flash Player up to date and allow popups in your browser. 

Need help using the application?  Try our help page.  This can also be found by clicking the "About" link in the top right corner of the application, then the "help page" link.


Mapping in Mobile Devices
The mapping can also be accessed via an app in iOS, Android and Windows Phone!  Just download the Explorer for ArcGIS (by ESRI) app and search for Exeter Township in the "find maps" section.  You can add/remove layers and click on features to see more information about it.



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