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There are approximately 10,000 housing units in Exeter Township, of which over 8,000 are owner-occupied.  In 2009, the median value of owner-occupied homes was $180,000.  For residents who commuted to work, the average commute time was less than 30 minutes.

Residents can enjoy relaxing or take their pick of the numerous activities offered at the 6 parks  in the township; there is even a park for dogs. The Reading Country Club, owned by the Township, is one of 2 golf courses in the Township.  Residents have little trouble in finding ways to keep busy… from the sports, arts, and cultural activities in Philadelphia, to the 2 miles of hiking and biking trails in the Township, or the miles of canoeing or kayaking on the Schuylkill River that passes along the Township.  There are 4 gun clubs in Exeter and a variety of other outdoor sports.   The community library, in addition to providing a good selections of books, movies, and music, also offers programs for children and adults.  The Township also offers programs year round at the Dunn Community Center and seasonal programs at the parks.  Residents seldom need to go beyond the Township for their retail needs.  And, healthcare needs are often met by providers within the Township.  Volunteer opportunities abound through the local service organizations and/or through the Township.