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A building permit is required for all projects involving construction of any type (including the placement of pre-fabricated accessory structures), modifications, and alterations of existing buildings or structures. At this time, building permits are not required for siding or replacement windows, unless the size of the opening is being increased or decreased. Review our Building Permit Info Sheet below for help with applying for building permits. For deck building permits, please review our Minimum Recommended Design Criteria, "DeckSpecs" document to the right.

The Engineering Staff will provide guidance in submission requirements and zoning regulations necessary for permits. Once the completed application is submitted (in the Engineering Office), the information is entered into our permit program and is reviewed by the Zoning and Code Enforcement Officers to ensure code compliance. The Zoning Ordinance allows a 35-day review process, however, the department makes every effort to issue the permit in two weeks.
Be sure to contact PA One Call before you dig!! Dial 811
Before applying for a permit, please note the requirements and application procedures below, a direct reference to the zoning permits section within our Codification.


Building Permit Information Sheet 2019.pdfBuilding Permit Information Sheet 20192/8/2019 2:32 PM
BuildingPermitApp-NewBuilding.pdfBuildingPermitApp-NewBuilding11/16/2017 10:05 AM
BuildingPermit-Misc.pdfBuildingPermit-Misc6/7/2018 12:10 PM
ComplaintForm.pdfComplaintForm9/24/2009 3:30 PM
ConditionalUseApp.pdfConditionalUseApp3/31/2015 10:15 AM
PlumbingLicenseApp-Journeyman.pdfPlumbingLicenseApp-Journeyman4/8/2009 3:06 PM
PlumbingLicenseApp-Master.pdfPlumbingLicenseApp-Master4/8/2009 3:06 PM
PlumbingPermitApp.pdfPlumbingPermitApp11/16/2017 10:05 AM
RecorderOfDeedsSubmissionForm.pdfRecorderOfDeedsSubmissionForm1/27/2014 10:46 AM
RoadOccupancyPermitApp.pdfRoadOccupancyPermitApp8/1/2012 10:53 AM
SanitarySewerExtensionSpecs.pdfSanitarySewerExtensionSpecs12/21/2010 10:24 AM
SignPermitApp.pdfSignPermitApp11/16/2017 10:05 AM
VarianceRequestForm.pdfVarianceRequestForm8/21/2014 10:02 AM
ZoningPermitApp.pdfZoningPermitApp3/6/2013 3:12 PM

 Fire Codes

Folder: Construction Permit ApplicationsConstruction Permit Applications4/8/2009 3:14 PM
Folder: Operational Permit ApplicationsOperational Permit Applications4/8/2009 3:14 PM
Access-WaterSupply-Signage.pdfAccess-WaterSupply-Signage2/8/2010 3:40 PM
AlarmPermit.pdfAlarmPermit7/25/2012 3:17 PM
AlarmUpdate.pdfAlarmUpdate4/8/2009 3:17 PM
CertificateOfFitness.pdfCertificateOfFitness4/8/2009 3:17 PM
FireAlarmSystems.pdfFireAlarmSystems2/8/2010 3:39 PM
FireLanes.pdfFireLanes4/8/2009 3:17 PM
IncidentReportRequest.pdfIncidentReportRequest2/8/2010 3:40 PM
KnoxBox.pdfKnoxBox4/8/2009 3:17 PM
PlanExamination.pdfPlanExamination2/8/2010 3:40 PM
SubdivisionPlanReview.pdfSubdivisionPlanReview2/8/2010 3:40 PM
WaterSupply.pdfWaterSupply8/3/2012 9:09 AM