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The Strategic Planner Steering Committee is tasked with developing a comprehensive strategic assessment, vision, and plan for the short and long-term fiscal health of our township.

The committee meets on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 6pm at the township building.

The members of this committee are:

Bill Fox - Chairman - Township Business Representative
Jeff Bukowski - Board of Supervisors and EDAC
Chip White - Board of Supervisors
Mehmet Arslan - Planning Commission
Hunter Ahrens - Planning Commission
Mark Dolinski - EDAC
Adrienne Hayes- EDAC
Robert Quinter - Exeter School Board  (alt. Russell Diesinger)
Pamela Shupp - Greater Reading Economic Partnership
Berks County Planning Commission Representative
Gary Burnisky - Township Business Representative
James Wanser - Township Business Representative


 Steering Committee Docs & Videos

Folder: 2-12-14 Meeting
Folder: 1-8-14 Meeting
Folder: 3-12-14 Meeting
Folder: 4-9-14 Meeting
Folder: 5-14-14 Meeting
Folder: Misc Docs
Folder: 6-11-14 Meeting
Folder: 7-9-14 Meeting
Folder: 8-13-14 Meeting
Folder: 9-10-14 Meeting
Folder: 11-12-14 Meeting
Folder: 3-11-15 Meeting


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