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Exeter is a Pennsylvania Act 101 Recycling Municipality mandating all residents, commercial establishments and institutions to recycle according to the Municipal Solid Waste Recycling Ordinance (link is to off-site codification page).  Violators will be fined from $100 to $1,000 per incident.


To report a missed recycling pickup, fill out or Contact Us form.



2017 Recycling Schedule.pdf2017 Recycling Schedule.pdf - shows dates of pick up and a small zone map

Recycling Zone Map - a large map with all street names

Pick-ups are every other week. Exceptions to that are weeks with holidays. Each pick-up day is pushed back one day from the day of the holiday to the end of the week. This means there will be Saturday pick-ups on occasion.

Residents are entitled to two free, blue recycling containers.  If you would like to use additional containers that you purchase yourself, you can get free stickers at the Township Office to place on your containers that will ensure the hauler knows that it is recycling for them to pickup.  Please ensure the containers are not too large/heavy that one person wouldn't be able to lift it. 

Recycling color-coded schedules that include recycling zone maps are mailed to residents in January.  Additional copies can be picked up at the Township Building, 4975 DeMoss Road.  The Township charges $5 per quarter for recycling services.  Residents will receive their recycling bill as part of their sewer bill on a quarterly basis.  Residents without sewers will receive a recycling only bill.

Items to be recycled are listed below.  Residents can comingle cans, bottles and plastic containers; and are asked to bundle and tie paper items with string or to place them in paper grocery bag on top of one of their recycling bins for pick up.  Cardboard is to be cut into pieces no longer than four feet and is to be bundled and tied with string. 

If you have any questions regarding the recycling program please contact the Township Office at (610) 779-5660.


The following materials are accepted under the current recycling contract:

  • Clear, brown and green glass
  • Aluminum & bi-metal cans
  • Plastics with the recycle numbers 1-7
  • Newspaper, office paper, magazines, cardboard, cereal/light food boxes without contamination (see brochure at Township office for details.) Cardboard must be cut down to 24" or smaller pieces.
    Current collector is:
    Allied Waste



Collecting and hauling recyclables is the responsibility of the business or institution and you are required to submit an annual report (provided by your hauler) to the Township.  Different haulers may be necessary for different recyclables. See box of items to be recycled below:

Mandatory Items to be Recycled  

High-Grade Office Paper
Corrugated Cardboard
Marketable Grades of Paper
Aluminum Cans
Bimetallic & Steel Cans
Amber Glass
Clear Glass
Green Glass
Mixed Glass
Leaf Waste
Yard Waste
Plastics #1 through #7 - including PET & HDPE Plastics


Other Items to be Recycled on a Voluntary Basis 

Scrap Metals
Used Motor Oil
Oil filters
Batteries, Lead-Acid
Nickel & Cadmium Bat.
Auto Parts
Construction Materials
Consumer Electronics
Ink Cartridges
Fluorescent Tubes
Food Waste
Household Hazardous Waste
Rubber Tires
White Goods                                         




See the brush depository page for more information.


Worried about the mercury in those compact flourescent lightbulbs (CFL)?  Well, Home Depot offers free recycling of them at all of their stores.  You can read more about it on their website.


Twice a year the Berks County Solid Waste Authority runs collections for items that are more difficult to dispose of.  They currently have separate collections for Paper Shredding & Pharmaceutical Waste, and Household Hazardous Waste.  Keep an eye out on the calendar or the newsletter for dates.

The County SWA has a full-time electronic waste collection center.  See their website for more information.  They also accept tires for recycling at the center on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 8am to noon.


Car and truck batteries can be dropped off at 2 locations for recycling.  East Penn Manufacturing in Lyon Station PA and Exide Corporation in Reading PA.



White Goods Disposal


Every Saturday from 7am to 11am, the Pioneer Crossing Landfill offers disposal of "white goods" for residents of Exeter, Robeson, and Union Townships and Birdsboro Borough.  White goods are appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, etc.  The appliances must be dropped off at the landfill.  You must bring ID for proof of residency.  Any appliance containing freon must have a sticker certifying they are now freon-free OR you will need to fill out a form stating that the item has not been tampered with and no hoses are broken.  For more information, please call 610-582-2900.