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County/Township Real Estate Tax:
The County and Township real estate taxes are combined on one bill (March 1) and collected by the Exeter Township Tax Collector, Charles I. Diamond.  The taxing year for both entities is January 1 through December 31.  See below for the breakdown of millage.
     Berks County Rate:                                     7.657 mills
     Exeter Township General Rate:                  2.145 mills
     Exeter Township Debt Service:                   0.50 mills
     Exeter Township Fire Services:                  0.605 mills
     Combined Total for Real Estate Tax bill    10.907 mills
Please note that the Exeter Township portion is 3.25 mills, which is 7.7% of your total combined real estate and school taxes.  On $100,000 of assessed value this would cost $325.00.  When potential tax increases are discussed at Exeter Township Board of Supervisors meetings during budget discussions, this is the rate that is affected.
School Real Estate Tax:
The Exeter Township School District taxes are on a separate bill (July 1) and are also collected by Charles I. Diamond, Tax Collector. The School Tax rate is currently 32.6214 mills. The School District's taxing year is July 1 through June 30. 
Per Capita Taxes:
Exeter Township and the Exeter Township School District levy a "head tax" for anyone 18 years or older living in the Township. Ten dollars ($10) of this tax goes to the School and the remaining five dollars ($5) goes to the Township.  This tax is collected by the Exeter Township Tax Collector, Charles I. Diamond. 
Exeter Township Tax Collector
Charles I. Diamond
4975 DeMoss Road
P.O. Box 4216
Reading, PA 19606
(610) 779-8055
Office hours vary, please call to check what the current hours are.  They can also be found on your bill.


Local Services Tax:
The Exeter Township School District($10) and Exeter Township($42) levy this tax of $52 per working adult. This tax is collected by the Berks E.I.T. Bureau.
Earned Income Tax:
A one (1) percent income tax is levied on all wages earned by working Township residents. This tax is collected by the Berks E.I.T. bureau usually through a payroll deduction which your employer handles.
Business Privilege Tax:
Exeter Township assesses each business operating within the Township a Business Privilege Tax.  This tax is calculated by multiplying the rate by gross revenues of operating a business or doing work within the borders of the Township.  The rates are as follow: 1 ½ mills for retail, services or rentals and 1 mill for wholesale.  The tax is shared 50/50 with the Exeter Township School District. The School District portion is collected by Berks EIT Bureau, contact them with any School District Tax related questions (610) 372-8439.


Tri-State Financial Group

PO Box 38

Bridgeport, PA 19405

(610) 270-9520​


Example:  How to Calculate Your Tax (mills based on 100% of assessed value):
Real Estate Tax:                           Assessed Property Value             $100,000
                                                                   10.907 Mills                     x.010907
                                                               Amount Owed                    $    1,090.70


School Tax:                                  Assessed Property Value              $100,000
                                                                   32.6214 Mills                   x.0326214
                                                                Amount Owed                   $     3,262.14

​ ​