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Interim Zoning Officer: Terry Naugle 610-779-5702 - For all Zoning, Subdivision and Land Development issues.

Building and Fire Code/Plumbing Inspector: Gregory Koontz 610-779-5702 - For all building contruction and codes compliance issues.

Code Enforcement / Assistant Zoning Officer: Will Brugger 610-779-5702 - For complaints and zoning questions.


Zoning Considerations:

Zoning Map - If you have a location already in mind, you can determine its zone here.  Or, once you find out what zones support your business by reading the Zoning Ordinance, you can identify those zones within the Township.

Zoning Ordinance - Here you can find all of the Township's Zoning requirements; including the allowed uses in each Zone (by right, condition, or special exception).  Some key areas would be parking, access, lighting, paving and stormwater, to name a few.

Here are direct links to each Zone's section in the Zoning Ordinance.


Development Process:

  • The Subdivision and Land Development process may be required depending on the level of construction needed for your business or if its a conversion from one type of use to another. This can be determined by speaking to the Zoning Officer.
  • Apply for a Zoning Permit.
  • Apply for a Building Permit.
  • Apply for a Sign Permit.

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