Making a Great Place Even Better

Exeter Township is home to more than 25,000 residents, and a diverse variety of businesses and manufacturing companies.  We’re always looking for ways to make living and working here even better.   We’ve got many projects on the horizon, such as improvements to our parks, streets, and facilities - and are looking forward to some other exciting plans that will benefit residents and businesses well into the future.

“Town Commons” Created From Perkiomen Avenue Enhancements

Work is underway with PennDOT to revitalize a large section of our main corridor along Perkiomen Avenue (Rt. 422). The goal is to make this underutilized area our new “Town Commons,” which we envision as the cornerstone of future economic development. Improvements include widening the avenue and beautifying the streetscape through new lighting, curbing and landscaping. In addition, a new watermain will serve properties currently without access to public water. The result?  Improved infrastructure and a safer, more convenient way for pedestrians and vehicles to access businesses and residences along the route.

View the full plan for Perkiomen Avenue enhancements.

perkiomen avenue streetscape rendering