Administration & Finance


Appointed by the Board of Supervisors, the Township Manager is responsible for implementing policies, and all day-to-day operations.

The Manager’s duties include: preparing and implemeting the annual budget, implementation of ordinances, appointment of department heads and other staff, negotiation of contracts, preparing reports and recommendations for Supervisor review, and other duties required to run municipal government. 

The office of the Township Manager is the official Right-to-Know office, and is responsible for responding to public requests for information as stipulated by Pennsylvania Right to Know Law. Learn more about submitting a Records Request.

  Clarence Hamm
  Interim Township Manager
  Laurie Getz
   Township Secretary
  Tina Stephens
  Executive Secretary and Right to Know Officer

The Finance Department is responsible for oversight of all Township finances including budgets, billing, sewer payments, audits, and taxes.

  Jennifer Savage
   Finance Director/Treasurer
  Kristina Johnson  
  Assistant Finance Director  
Sarah Busch Jennifer Kauffman Lorri Stolz
Accounting Officer Insurance & Risk Manager Accounts Payable Secretary
610-779-5660 610-779-5660 610-779-5660

Each September or October the Board of Supervisors starts the budget process for the upcoming calendar year. The budget is generated and finalized in the Administrative Office and adopted at a December Township Meeting.
For information regarding Township Meetings, please see the Calendar. Board of Supervisors Meetings Minutes and agendas may be found in their document library.