Emergency Services

4975 DeMoss Road
Reading, PA 19606
(610) 779-1490
Christopher Bickings, Chief
46 West 33rd Street
Reading, PA 19606
(610) 779-8848
Sgt. David Bentz, EMA Coordinator
4975 DeMoss Road
Reading, PA  19606
(610) 779-5660
 Marty Straka
(610) 779-7248

Exeter Township is transitioning from CodeRED to county-wide system Swift Reach. This transition will give you, the user, more control over what type of alerts you would like to receive, while giving us a better ability to contact you in the most efficient way possible. We want to make sure you receive the information you need, when you need it. 

What will Swift Reach allow you to do? 

  • Register your home address, work address, parent and/or child's home address so you'll know what's going on at each address that is important to you. 
  • Choose to opt in or out of groups at your discretion, such as severe weather warning or advisories, or 422/222 road closure notifications. 
  • Residents can also opt in or out of Township-specific planned events to be alerted to things such as planned road closures, holiday events, or other Township sponsored activities. 

What do you need to do?
Register with Swift Reach to receive alerts. If it's your first time, you'll want to click on 'Register Now' and enter your information as prompted. Additional instructions can be found here. 

This process will be a community effort. So, we're going to need some help. If you aren't comfortable with computers and need help registering, contact us at 610-779-5660 or come see us. We would be happy to help you sign up. If you know you have a neighbor, friend, or relative in the Township who has limited computer resources, send them to see us (or, give them a hand!).  

I was registered for CodeRED, do I need to register for Swift Reach or will they have my info? 
Swift Reach is a brand new system, so yes, even if you were registered for CodeRED in the past you will need to sign up with Swift Reach in order to receive alerts.