Fire Marshal

Fire Code Official - Great Valley Consultants
Asst. Fire Marshal - David Bentz

The chief responsibility of the Fire Code Office is FIRE PREVENTION.  Fire Prevention is accomplished through code enforcement, inspections, engineering, education and fire investigation. 

CODE ENFORCEMENT – The office is responsible for the enforcement of the ICC, NFPA, Exeter Township Ordinances and other related fire codes.  Enforcement includes performing inspections, answering complaints and issuing permits.
ENGINEERING – The office is responsible for ensuring code compliance in all new building projects.  This includes consultation with engineers, builders, and installers, plans examination and final acceptance inspections and tests.
EDUCATION – The office is responsible for providing fire prevention, fire safety education to the Township. This is accomplished through the use of media television, newspaper articles, education programs and demonstrations for civic, church, school groups and businesses.
FIRE INVESTIGATION – The office investigates the origin and cause of fires.  The methodology used includes: the recognition, identification and preservation of evidence; sketch drawings; photographs; interviews and reports.
The Fire Code Office is located in the Township Building at 4975 DeMoss Rd. Phone: 610-779-5702

Exeter Township requires all fire and life safety system inspection and test reports to be sent electronically by your inspection company to
Benefits to Contractors
Increases market opportunity for your fire protection services
Ensures all reports arrive, affording you the ability to track our department's follow up
Enhances maintenance revenue and timeliness of deficiency corrections
Improves customer retention with renewal notification identifying you as company of record
Required Systems Tracked
Automatic Fire Sprinkler System
Fire Alarm System
Commercial Kitchen Hood Suppression System (testing and cleaning)
Active Smoke Control System
Private Hydrant System
Fire Pump
Spray Booth
Emergency Generator
Special Suppression System
Fire Escape

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