Parks & Recreation

In response to the current COVID-19 Pandemic, our Park facilities remain closed until further notice. 

The closure impacts the following:

  • Entrance gates at applicable parks are locked.
  • Courts and fields are closed.
  • Restrooms are closed.
  • Pavilions and other rental facilities are closed. 
  • Skate Park at Pineland Park is closed.

Foot traffic at our parks and on our trails is permitted, provided the following guidelines are followed:

  • Stay close to home, don't drive a distance to a park or trail.Tips for Physical Distancing
  • If the park or trailhead is crowded, go home.
  • Employ physical distancing, remain at least 6 feet apart.
  • DO NOT use playground equipment, or other frequently touched surfaces.
  • Go by yourself, or only with other household members.
  • Stay home if you're sick.
  • Pack in, pack out. Please be considerate of Park Maintenance staff and limit waste at parks. 

* Special Considerations at the Exeter Scenic River Trail.

We have been experiencing overcrowding at the Gibraltar Road Trailhead. Please know that parking is prohibited on the grass and boat launch area. Parking is permitted ONLY in the designated spaces. 

PLEASE DO NOT CROWD THE TRAIL. We want to continue to be able to provide open-spaces for passive recreation, so our residents can enjoy the outdoors and get exercise during this difficult time. We are going to have to work together towards this goal. So, how can you help?

  • If you arrive at the trailhead and it is crowded, choose an alternate plan or try back later. Do not create your own parking space.
  • Do not go to the trail to meet up with a group of friends. Remember, recreate only with those who reside in your household. 
  • Maintain a MINIMUM of 6' distance between yourself and everyone else. If you are exerting a lot of energy (running, jogging, etc.), it is recommended that you leave even more distance between yourself and others.

Still have questions on hoq you can safely enjoy the outdoors? Here are some resources...
DCNR COVID-19  Information
DCNR Practice Social Distancing and Leave No Trace 
NRPA Joint Statement on Using Parks and Open Space While Maintaining Physical Distance



The Recreation Department, headed by Laurie Getz, manages recreation activities and programs, facility and field rentals, special events and all activities within our parks system.

All programs and facilities are available for online registration and/or rental. Questions about a pavilion? Call 610-779-5660.

Park Maintenance
The Parks Maintenance Department, headed by Brian Ahrens, manages playground and park maintenance. 

The Parks & Recreation office can be reached at 610-406-0263. 

Park Improvements

To view the newly adopted Comprehensive Park, Recreation, and Open Space Plan please click on the link below.
To view the final draft of the Trout Run Master Plan please click on the link below.
Draft Trout Run Master Plan.pdf