We're Glad You're Here.

If you’re considering moving to Exeter or if you’re a new resident, you have a lot to look forward to.   

A Township Management Focused on Economic Development
Exeter Township has always been an attractive place to live and work, but our township’s leaders have implemented a plan to make it even better. The centerpiece will be the “Town Commons” created from improvements to a large section of our main corridor along Perkiomen Avenue and Rt. 422. Penn Dot – our partner in this project – has already begun widening the avenue, creating turning lanes, and improving sidewalks. Other enhancements will include new lighting and landscaping. The result will be safer, easier access to homes and businesses along the route.   The plan also includes a “Town Center” in the 3900 block of Perkiomen Avenue, which will be the new home of our municipal facilities and a community center.


An Excellent School District
Exeter School District comprises Exeter Township and the Borough of St. Lawrence, a suburban area where the average income is about $13,000 above the county average and 82% of the population are high School graduates.  Exeter students score above the average on math and verbal SAT tests in the state and have a graduation rate of 98% with 75% of students continuing to higher education.  The school’s mission is to empower every student to continuously learn and be a responsible, productive citizen.  To that end, Instructors are committed to providing appropriate resources, a safe learning environment that encourages learning from mistakes, frequent feedback and real-life experiences. 


A Concern for the Safety of You and Your Family
We have an excellent police department as well as a communications program that tells you quickly of any local emergencies or time sensitive issues such as Missing Persons/Children, Evacuation Notices, Natural Disasters, Boil Water Advisories, Inclement Weather Warnings, Criminal Activities, Road Closures/Traffic Alerts and others. You can choose your preferred method of communication to receive these notices: phone calls, text messages, or e-mails. Please Sign Up Today!


Opportunities for a Fun and Healthy Lifestyle
We have some of the nicest green spaces in the county, all beautifully maintained and open to the public. They include large areas like Trout Run, which offers multiple playing fields and a pavilion available for events, and smaller spaces like Lorane Hollow Park, which has tennis and basketball courts and a half mile perimeter walking trail.  And we are doubly lucky that the Schuylkill River flows by several of our municipal parks, providing a nice view from our scenic walking trail or easy access if you enjoy kayaking or canoeing.