Animal Control

If you find a lost dog:

  • Check for an identification tag; if possible, please reunite the dog with its owner.
  • If you cannot locate the owner, the Exeter Township Police Department and the Administration Building are equipped with microchip readers. Contact the police department at 610-799-1490.
    • Exeter police offers can read the microchip (if available) and provide owner information to assist with reuniting a dog with its owner. Please keep in mind, our officers are not authorized to transport any dogs.
  • Lost and Found dogs should also be reported to the Humane Society

If You Need To Surrender Your Dog:
  • You may take your dog to the Humane Society of Berks County or contact them at 610-921-2348 for more information.

Dog Licenses
State Law requires all dogs over 3 months of age to be licensed. Owners of unlicensed dogs are subject to fine not to exceed $300. For information on how you can get your dog licensed check out the Country of Berks Website:

Animal Cruelty or Neglect
If you suspect animal cruelty and/or neglect you may contact the Animal Rescue League, or the Exeter Police Department.

State Dog Warden
If you are aware of a dog at large that is recurring, you can contact the Dog Warden or fill out a Dog Law Complaint Form. If you need a bite investigation or know of illegal kennel activity you can also contact the Dog Warden.

General Information:

Microchipping is a non-invasive procedure that can be a great way to reduce chances of a lost pet. Information on microchipping can be obtained by contacting your local veterinarian, or the Berks County Humane Society.

Exeter Township will hold periodic microchipping clinics at the Dunn Community Center at a reduced cost to residents. 

  • All cats must be brought to the clinic in a secure carrier
  • All dogs must be brought to the clinic and remain on leash

Check the events section of our website for future microchip events!

Missing Animals
If your dog or cat is missing, please look in the following places for more information.

  • Call Exeter Township to see if any reports of a found pet have been made.
  • Check the Berks Dog Search page on Facebook for missing dogs.
  • Check the Berks Cat Search page on Facebook for missing cats.
  • Contact the Berks County Humane Society.