Leaf/Brush Collection

Leaf Collection
The Highway Department crew collects leaves in all residential subdivisions each Autumn. The collection starts in the middle of October and ends December 15th (may end earlier dependent on snowfall) each year.  Leaves must be raked to the street line and may not include branches or other debris.

Rural routes are completed by request. Residents who reside on a rural road (those not in residential developments or subdivisions) should call the Township Office and let us know that you have leaves at the street line for our pick up. 


Brush Collection
The Highway Department crew collects brush, curbside, twice per year over a two-week period.  The collections take place roughly mid-May and late-October each year (check the website or newsletter for the dates).  Residents can request to have their brush picked up at the curb by calling (610) 779-5660 to make a reservation a week before the pick up is scheduled.

Residents are asked to have their brush at the curb by 7am. Brush must be cut into lengths about 4 feet long, no larger than 4 inches in diameter, and bundled together with twine in sizes that can be picked up by one person.  Please do not put brush into plastic bags or use plastic bag strips to tie bundles.

The brush is taken to the Trout Run Recycling Center to be ground up for mulch that is available free for residents.  The Trout Run Recycling Center is open to residents of Exeter Township and St. Lawrence Borough for a $10 annual fee.

Fill out our Contact Us form to request a leaf or brush pickup.