Spring Clean-up

As part of the Host Community Agreement between Exeter Township and the Pioneer Crossing Landfill, J.P. Mascaro & Sons will conduct Township-wide spring clean-up for Exeter Township residents annually. 

Spring clean-up is split into two dates, and J.P. Mascaro & Sons will issue an announcement and map prior to the clean-up dates. The map will be posted here; 2020 dates have been announced as April 4th and April 11th.  


What can I put out for spring clean-up?

Spring clean-up is designed for the collection of items that are not included in normal weekly trash collection. Items such as washers, dryers, refrigerators*, freezers*, air conditioners*, water heaters, stoves, and large household items such as sofas, chairs, tables, bureaus, beds, and other bulky items are appropriate. 

*Refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, and humidifiers MUST have a freon-free sticker from a certified refrigeration service in order to be collected. 

Is there anything I should NOT put out for spring clean-up?

Televisions, computers, tires, automobile parts, construction and demolition waste, yard waste, paint, chemicals or free liquids. If carpet is being disposed of, it must be cut into four foot wide strips, rolled and tied into bundles not to exceed 50 pounds each.

What can I do with electronic waste (televisions, computers, etc.)?

Landfills in Pennsylvania are unable to accept covered devices such as televisions, computers, hard drives, monitors, keyboards, mice, or printers. Residents needing to dispose of such items can take them to TotalRecycle. Certain items do carry a disposal fee. Visit TotalRecycle's website for more information.