Tax revenues provide funding for police protection, street repair and maintenance, recreation services, park maintenance, and capital improvement projects.

Homestead Exemption
Effective for 2020, Exeter Township has instituted a Homestead Exemption. Homestead exemptions reduce the tax burden on property owners by excluding a fixed dollar amount of the assessed value of a property. Owner-occupied properties used by their owner as a primary residence may qualify. The deadline to enroll for 2020 was March 1st, 2019. To apply for 2021, submit your completed application to the Berks County Homestead Office by March 1, 2020.

Paper forms can be obtained at the Exeter School District Administration Office, or you can download a version here. 

The implementation of a Homestead/Farmstead Exemption for owner-occupied properties in the Township for 2020 means your tax bill will look a little different. Check out the article in our latest edition of the Township Newsletter for details, but here's what you need to know:

  • You will receive TWO tax bills mailed separately; one for County taxes, and one for Township taxes. 
  • The Homestead/Farmstead Exemption applies ONLY to your Township taxes; it does NOT apply to your County taxes. 
  • Property owners with an assessed value under $50,000 will ONLY received a Township tax bill if they have recycling, hydrant, or light taxes. 
  • If your taxes are escrowed, be sure to send BOTH bills to your mortgage company. 
  • Homestead/Farmstead information will show on your Township bill in the 'Tax Relief Exclusion Info' box on the lower left corner of your bill.

Real Estate Tax

The Board of Supervisors approves the real estate millage rate for the Township as part of the annual budget approval process.

   General Fund:  2.145 mills
Township Debt Service: 0.720 mills
Township Fire Services: 0.605
Total Millage:  3.470

* Property taxes are expressed in terms of mills per dollar of assessed value. One mill is equal to one-tenth (1/10) of a penny or 1/1000 of a dollar. The property tax formula is the mill rate (divided by 1,000) multiplied by the assessed value of the property. For example, with a millage rate of 3.470 mills and a $100,000 assessed value of a home, the tax rate would be:

.003470 x $100,000 = $347

Charles I. Diamond is the Township’s elected Tax Collector and is responsible for collecting Real Estate Taxes and Per Capita Taxes. Office hours vary and can be found on the tax bills.

Contact info:
10 Fairlane Road
PO Box 4216
Reading, PA 19606
(610) 779-8055

The County and Township real estate taxes are combined on one bill, which is mailed in March of each year. The taxing year for both entities is January 1 through December 31. Berks County’s 2019 tax rate is 7.657 mills.

Exeter Township School District taxes are mailed in July of each year via a separate bill.

Per Capita Tax
A per capita tax is a flat rate tax equally levied on all adult residents with a taxing district. It is not dependent upon employment. Each adult resident pays $10 annually to the School District. Exeter Township does not assess a municipal per capita tax. Per capita tax is collected by the Exeter Township Tax Collector, Charles I. Diamond.

Local Services Tax
A local services tax is paid by everyone working in the Township. Each working adult pays $52 annually, with $42 sent to the School District and $10 sent to the Township. Local services tax is collected by Berks EIT usually via a payroll deduction which your employer handles.

Earned Income Tax
An earned income tax of 1% is levied on all wages earned by working Township residents. Earned income tax is collected by Berks EIT usually through a payroll deduction which your employer handles.

Business Privilege Tax
Business privilege tax is an assessment on each business operating with the Township.  Business privilege is calculated by multiplying the tax rate by gross revenues of business operations. Rates are as follows:

  • Retail, Services, or Rentals - 1.5 mills
  • Wholesale – 1 mill

This tax is shared equally with the Exeter Township School District. The School District utilizes Berks EIT for Business Privilege Tax collection. Tri-State Financial collects business privilege tax for the Township.

Applications and tax returns can be found at

Contact info:
Tri-State Financial
PO Box 38
Bridgeport, PA 19405
(610) 270-9520